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6:30 still in bed(Lev forgot to wake up at 5:45am)
7:00 running around the kitchen, serving breakfast, packing lunches
8:00 everybody out of the house, finally alone with Lev
8:10 Max is back, neighbor's car did not start, I am taking kids to school
8:35 starting to do fruit kebabs for Author's tea at Max's school, Lev is bored
10:30 out with Lev for a walk with Natasha, plus stopped by the
school to drop off kebabs
12:00 back home to fetch a couple of things for Lev
12:15 trying to put Lev asleep in a car(Author's Tea where 1st graders present their books to the whole class is at 1:15, so the idea was to put Lev asleep earlier - a drive in a car usually works)
12:50 carrying Lev from the car to the stroller, Lev wakes up
1:10 still trying to get Lev off the breast and to calm him down before Author's Tea that starts in 5 min
2:20 back in the car
2:35 picking up soups from Trattoria
2:45 picking up Ulyana from the middle school
2:55 Ulyana is getting Max and neighbor's daughter from the elementary school , I am feeding Lev soup
3:10 back home to change car seat(at the end Lev accidentally knocked off soup from my hands),
Ulyana is picking up a few things from home, Lev poops
3:45 dropping off Max at Kseniya's who'll take him to Russian school
4:10 Ulyana's app with ortho doc, Lev had tantrum in the office
4:50 drinking latte with Ulyana and Lev at Starbucks near Russian school
5:30 picking up Max from Russian school and killing 30 min in the car
6:15 Max's music class
7:10 exchange kids, send all of them with my husband home, Lev is asleep
7:15 "meet the coaches" event at my daughter's high school
8:30 husband?dinner?Maybe

Today was a special day, usually there is more time for Lev, some grocery shopping. Sometimes there is a nanny..shhh..I started dreaming.

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